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Enolia - Your Belgian Wine Cellar Online

Why sell wine, champagne and alcohol online?

Who are we and why Enolia?


Enolia is your Belgian online wine merchant and was born from the passion and expertise of two friends, both passionate about wine. The idea came up after we made several observations.

On the one hand the online wine offer in Belgium is rather poor. This valid for France, Luxembourg and The Nederlands. Few serious and really specialized wine actors are present on the net. Quickly, the customer finds himself on 100% French sites (often reserved to French customers only) less adapted to the Belgian market and to the policies and transport costs totally inadequate for our Kingdom. On the other hand, other online wine sales sites are often just a new distribution channel for inefficient wine merchants, not at all optimised for selling wine on the internet and often very expensive so as to amortise the costs of putting their wine online and creating their e-shop. Often, wines are sold more expensively than in stores to cover transport costs and are stored, handled and transported by logistics companies that are not aware of the product they are dealing with. For them, storing and delivering wine is like storing a laptop or a pair of shoes.  

From these observations, Enolia was born so that you can:

Buy your wine, champagne and alcohol online!


Enolia is your online wine shop in Belgium. You are passionate about wine and so are we. Our online shop will offer you a selection of affordable and high quality wines. Our wines are stored, handled and transported with the utmost care, just like you do in your cellar.

Our pricing and delivery policy is transparent and without any surprises. Our job is not to make a living from transport or to raise the prices of our products to hide them.

At Enolia, there are real people behind the site, lovers of taste and flavours who are here to help and advise you.

Selection of exceptional wines


At Enolia, we have neither the size nor the claim to have all the wines of the world in our catalogue. But we do have the ones you like, the ones we like too.

In constant evolution based on our discoveries, tastings or requests and suggestions from our customers, our catalogue contains white wines, rosé wines and red wines as well as champagnes or bubbles for all budgets.

The Vellas vineyards open the doors to its original and varied wines, made to please every palate. The Lombard Champagne House will satisfy the most demanding with its exceptional Premier Cru and Grand Cru vintages.

Other wines, carefully chosen for their quality but also because they are, in our opinion, part of the essential and always delicious wines, also complete our offer.

The best wines deserve the best advice


You don't choose a bottle of wine like a pair of shoes, which you quickly try on and send back if it doesn't fit. There's always a reason behind the choice of a wine... envy first and pleasure second.

Are you having a dinner party? You want to make a gift? Do you need to treat yourself? Or just want to discover something else, another taste, another colour?

There are 1000 reasons to buy wine online. At Enolia, we are here to help you discover new wines or to provide you with the wine you already know and love at the best price and in the best storage and transport conditions.

And if you have any doubts or questions, visit our site and ask one of our online experts for advice.